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214 Release: Hindieh Law drug charges lawyer defends people who’s been charged with drug trafficking, drug possession, drug distribution, and drug manufacturing in Dallas, Collin, Kaufmann, Johnson, Parker, Denton, Wise, Grayson & Tarrant County.

Are you Facing Drug Charges in the DFW Metroplex?

If so, you should immediately consider your legal options and get a consultation with Ray Hindieh, ex-Dallas County D.A. who has experience with drug charge cases and knows the system, prosecutors, and Judges. If you’ve been charged with drug trafficking, drug possession, or another drug-related crime, you need a drug charges lawyer that can build a strong defense and protect your freedom like Ray Hindieh.

The penalties and punishment for drug crime convictions in Texas are severe! Let the law offices of Ray Hindieh start building your defense immediately. Contact an experienced, knowledgeable, and connected drug charges lawyer, Ray Hindieh, today to schedule a free and confidential case consultation.

Hindieh Law has decades of experience successfully defending people in legal trouble involving controlled substances. With your freedom and reputation at stake, you need the best drug charges lawyer on your side.

One of the most important decisions in your case is selecting the right defense attorney. Whether you have been accused of a crime or are simply being investigated, your rights, your freedom, and your future are in jeopardy. It is important to have the counsel of an experienced drug charges lawyer as early as possible.

Call 214 Release: Hindieh Law today to schedule a confidential consultation with our drug charges lawyer at 214.960.1458. When you’re facing charges this serious, you need Ray Hindieh and 214 Release on your side.

Experienced Drug Charges Lawyer for Drug Crimes

Ray Hindieh has extensive experience defending against the state level and federal level of misdemeanor, felony, and prescription drug charges. Drug crimes we defend clients against include:

  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Felony Drug Charges
  • Prescription Drug Charges for Xanax, Adderall, Vicodin, etc.
  • Drug Selling & Distribution
  • Conspiracy to Commit Drug Crime
  • Intent to Distribute Drugs

And many other charges involving illegal, prescription, and controlled substances. Call now to book your free case evaluation with a drug charges lawyer at 214 Release: Hindieh Law.

Client InitialsCase TypeResult/VerdictJurisdiction
F.C.Possession of Controlled Substance x 2DismissedDallas County
A.R.Possession of Controlled Substance and a DWI 2ndDismissedDallas County

Drug Cases in Texas

Top Ranked DFW Metroplex Drug Charges Lawyer | 214 Release Hindieh Law

Texas is notorious for drug trafficking and other drug offenses because of its proximity to Mexico. As a result, the legislature and courts have invoked processes to increase the enforcement of and penalties for drug offenses.

Drug possession in Texas is a crime that can result in charges in a multitude of degrees. A drug case may range from a simple misdemeanor to a complex felony or a federal case.

Texas Drug Crime Laws

The Texas penal code prohibits any person from knowingly or intentionally:

  • Possessing a listed chemical with the intent to unlawfully manufacture a controlled substance; or
  • Possessing or distributing a listed chemical knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that it will be used to unlawfully manufacture a controlled substance

Any person who violates this statute may get charged with a felony.

Drug Trafficking: Texas law defines drug trafficking as knowingly selling, purchasing, manufacturing, delivering, or bringing into this state or being in actual or constructive possession of a controlled substance or illegal drug. If you’re arrested for alleged trafficking-controlled substances or facing charges of distributing drugs, call a drug trafficking lawyer to start building your defense as soon as possible. Texas takes drug trafficking cases very seriously, and so should you. Read new, tougher penalties for repeat drug manufacturing offenders.

Punishment for drug trafficking convictions varies considerably in Texas, but trafficking charges have one of the highest levels of potential prison time and fines. The state categorizes drugs into different schedules based on factors that define them as more or less dangerous. The more dangerous the drug, coupled with the quantity, plays a large role in how much you may have to pay in fines and how much potential jail time you may face.

Maximum Punishment for Drug Trafficking in Texas

The maximum incarceration (prison punishment) for trafficking drugs in Texas is 99 years. 

Types of Drug Charges in Texas

Top Ranked DFW Metroplex Drug Charges Lawyer | 214 Release Hindieh Law

Drug Possession:

Drug possession can range anywhere from a class C misdemeanor for small amounts of marijuana to felony drug possession for controlled substances. For the prosecution to prove a person guilty, the prosecution must make the jury or judge believe the accused had care, custody and control of the illegal or controlled drug. An experienced drug possession attorney like Ray Hindieh knows how to attack the state’s case on this issue. There may be several defenses to possession.

Drug Smuggling:

Drug smuggling is the act of transporting any controlled substance into Texas illegally with the intent to either distribute or possess it. Because drug smuggling often involves crossing state lines, it is a federal crime and follows federal sentencing guidelines.

Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute: Being charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute increases the seriousness of any drug-related charge. Several factors could lead to this charge, including storing controlled substances in small packages or even having a notepad with phone numbers and schedules in the defendant’s home.

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