Drug Possession & Trafficking in Dallas: Arrested for Possession or Trafficking?

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If you are facing drug possession or trafficking accusations, the results could have a profound impact on your life. You require the influence of a former Dallas district attorney who is familiar with the courts and prosecutors.

Ray Hindieh, past Dallas District Attorney, defends Texans against drug crime accusations by Dallas Prosecutors.

Why? Because you might have significant restrictions on your freedom if you’re found guilty. You can lose your eligibility for government programs like housing or food assistance, for instance.

Additionally, you can miss out on financial aid for your school and struggle to obtain job in the future. The accusations made against you may potentially permanently damage your reputation. In the end, you must establish your reputation and proceed.

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How Hindieh Law Can Help With Drug Possession & Trafficking in Dallas

We can help with drug offenses in Dallas, including drug possession & trafficking. Former Dallas District Attorney Ray Hindieh has a solid reputation and is widely recognized for getting cases downgraded to misdemeanors or even expunged. Allow Ray Hindieh to use his long-standing connections and sway over the county benches in Dallas and the surrounding areas to your advantage.

For you, The Hindieh Law is committed to creating a strong defense. We can thus work to mitigate or completely eliminate the negative effects of drug charges for you. In some circumstances, we can assist in keeping any convictions off of your record. To create your defense, we can study the evidence and advocate for you in pretrial talks.

Since his time as Dallas County District Attorney, Ray Hindieh has defended the rights of those accused of drug crimes and is a seasoned and well-respected attorney in Dallas. You can therefore have faith in our expertise, compassion, and tried-and-true litigation tactics.

How Serious Are Charges for Drug Possession and Trafficking?

Unfortunately, drug-related crimes such as drug possession & trafficking can harm your record much more than being found guilty of drunk driving. Even first-time offenders risk harsh punishments and incarceration. The range of offenses that can be committed just adds to the uncertainty. These range from straightforward possession to drug manufacturing and distribution. You can also be accused of taking part in illegal activity. However, the scenario might be stressful even if you are only accused of a small drug violation.

Typically, the severity of the penalty increases with the seriousness of your offenses. But even first-time offenders risk going to jail. From 180 days to two years in state prison are possible for sentences. Additionally, penalties might total $10,000. You could be sentenced to 15 to 99 years in jail for serious felonies, as well as a fine of up to $250,000.

The kind and quantity of drugs involved are only a few things that will impact your charges. For instance, possession of cocaine carries harsh penalties in Texas. These punishments typically involve some jail time and monetary fines. Courts will also take into account if the alleged offense took place near a school or in a public facility. Finally, the sanctions will be even harsher if a youngster is involved in the charges. A Dallas drug crimes attorney can assist in lowering charges because many of these specifics are ambiguous.

Can I Have the Drug Trafficking and Possession Charges Reduced?

Police frequently make mistakes when making drug-related arrests. It’s possible that your constitutional rights were abused. For instance, if an officer doesn’t give you your Miranda rights, you should get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer.

Every situation is different, so every case needs a special strategy to be successfully resolved. A charge of marijuana may differ greatly from a charge of cocaine, for example. The best method to ensure a successful outcome is to speak with a drug defense attorney. There are some general defensive strategies, nonetheless, that we can employ to disprove or refute the accusations made against you.

Drug courts typically emphasize that treatment is preferable to punishment. As a result, we employ pretrial strategies, including joining drug treatment facilities. Your charges may be dropped, reduced, or suspended if you abide by its rules. If required, we bargain with the prosecution to have your punishment reduced. Our ultimate objective is to have the charges brought against you dropped.

Even so, there can be circumstances in which this defense is ineffective. The courts will take your prior history into account in these circumstances. We take advantage of this chance to convince the judge that your accusations should be dropped.

Drug Charges? Contact Us For A Free Consultation.

Has anyone abused your rights prior to, during, or since the arrest? Do you think the drug-related charges brought against you are false? Concerns regarding your legal rights and ways to stay out of jail? Drug cases can be challenging and drastically impact lives.

You ought to have a defense that looks out for your best interests as a result. A criminal defense attorney might offer assistance by giving legal responses. A trustworthy lawyer will also help you navigate the difficult legal process.

Regardless of the drug-related allegations levied against you, we can assist. We are often successful in having the charges dropped or reduced or the case dismissed at 214 Release: The Hindieh Law. Instead, we can suggest treatment options and enroll you in those to strengthen your protection.

If there is insufficient evidence in your case, we will vigorously pursue the dismissal of the charges. Our success is a result of our wisdom and kindness. Submit an online form or call our Dallas office at 214.960.1458 to arrange a free consultation. With offices in Bishop Arts and Buckner, we provide services to the whole Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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