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Avoid Jail Time for Federal Probation Violations

If you face federal probation violations in Dallas or the surrounding area, a probation violation attorney at 214 Release: Hindieh Law, PLLC can help. As a former prosecutor, Ray Hindieh has years of experience and a unique insight into the legal system. He uses that knowledge to leverage better results for his clients. We offer free consultations where we review the circumstances surrounding your case. From there, our federal probation violation attorney can get to work developing a defense.

Probation violations occur when individuals who avoided jail time violate the terms of their supervised release. In these cases, the consequences can be severe and even include extensive jail time. We help our clients navigate these revocations.

What to Expect When You Violate Your Parole or Probation

We strongly encourage all clients to follow the terms of their probation carefully. That means meeting with probation officers and adhering to any restrictions. But we understand that people make mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes can lead to significant penalties. We offer solutions. Our team will examine the situation and advise you on your options. The consequences of violating the terms of your parole or probation are extensive and commonly include:

  • Increased Probation or Parole Conditions
  • Extended Time Under Probation or Parole
  • Additional Time in Jail or Prison
  • Alternate Punishments

What to Do if You Have Violated Your Parole

Fortunately for our clients, our legal team has years of experience navigating the probation and parole system. We understand how the Federal courts treat probation and parole violations, and we know what to expect. If you have found yourself in a situation where you violated the terms of your probation, it is important to remain calm. Contact our federal probation violation attorney team immediately – [tel_dl], and we will set to work advocating for your behalf. We can use many tactics to help you avoid severe punishments, such as extenuating circumstances.

We Also Handle Probation Violations in Dallas, Texas

214 Release: Hindieh Law, PLLC is an experienced and knowledgeable law firm specializing in probation violations. Our Dallas clients understand they can trust us to advocate on their behalf and represent them when they are charged with probation violations. Our federal probation violation attorney, Ray Hindieh, is a former prosecutor. His experience on the other side of the legal system has granted him a unique insight. He uses it to serve his clients better. The consequences of probation violations can be quite severe, so it is essential to protect yourself by hiring an experienced federal probation violation attorney. Nobody has more expertise than we do.

Understanding How Probation Works in the State of Texas

Texas has specific rules governing probation. When an individual is sentenced to a non-jail or -prison term, they are usually given straight probation. This occurs when there is a conviction that has been probated or sentenced by a judge. The other situation involves what is called deferred adjudication. In this case, the judge defers finding a person guilty and places them on community supervision for months to years. Probation violations occur when a person violates the terms laid out by the court. The consequences can be serious.

We Help You Fight Revocations

If you have been accused of a probation violation, you should understand that the court is well within its rights to revoke part or all of the terms of the probation. The result could mean jail or prison time. That is why it is so important to seek counsel following a probation violation. We have many years of experience assisting people in defending themselves against the revocation of probation. We want you to continue experiencing the benefits of probation. We have been successful in fighting revocations in the past. Contact us today – [tel_dl], and we will begin mounting a defense in your favor.

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Our Dallas Federal Probation Violations defense attorney is ready to help 24/7. Call 214.960.1458 or fill out our online contact form.

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