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214 Release: Hindieh Law works closely with Hispanic and Latino clients and their families to represent them in criminal cases as well as ALR hearings. We have represented numerous local citizens accused of DWI, including first-time DWI, multiple DWI, DWI with a child passenger, and more.

At Hindieh Law in Bishops Arts District, our DWI lawyer and the team have the knowledge, resources, and willpower to defend your rights. We help Hispanic and Latino families oppose deportation, safeguard their rights, avoid detention and keep their assets.

Significant things to consider in DWI cases:

Bishop Arts District's Best DWI Lawyer | 214 Release Hindieh Law
  • Sobriety testing in the field
  • The nature of the alleged offense
  • You have a criminal record and have been convicted in the past.
  • Law enforcement officials’ arrest procedures
  • Chemical tests, such as blood and breath tests

DWI Evidence Must Be Thoroughly Investigated

Breath testing isn’t always reliable, despite what prosecutors would have you believe. Breathalyzers, in reality, are subject to a variety of circumstances that can affect the test’s outcome.

  • The alcohol in mouthwash, for example, can cause a misleading reading.
  • In addition, breath testing is a type of indirect DWI test. Law enforcement may employ a breathalyzer test to evaluate the amount of alcohol in a driver’s lungs in order to ascertain the amount of alcohol in his or her system. The breathalyzer estimates the driver’s actual BAC using this information.

Many people believe that obtaining a DWI conviction without a chemical test indicating that their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is above the legal limit is impossible. In reality, if law enforcement suspects you drove a motor vehicle while inebriated in a public location – regardless of BAC – you could face serious legal consequences.

What makes this is possible?

Without the assistance of a Dallas DWI lawyer, a prosecution could claim that you were under the influence of alcohol even though your blood alcohol level was below the legal limit. You could be convicted if a prosecutor can show that your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle was impaired.

Defending Against Punitive Sanctions

Bishop Arts District's Best DWI Lawyer | 214 Release Hindieh Law

Despite the fact that each case and charge is unique, defending against long-term consequences remains a top focus. For example, first-time DWI punishments can include large fines and ongoing fees, as well as possible prison sentences, DWI education or treatment sessions, probation, and driver’s license bans. The penalty for a second offense, as well as subsequent offenses, will be increased.

Legal representation is critical when it comes to more serious DWI charges, since it protects your freedom and future. Felony DWIs have required minimum jail sentences as well as long-term penalties. Our DWI attorneys in Dallas are ready to offer you with the legal representation you require to protect your rights.

You could be charged with felony DWI if you:

  • A third DWI or later DWI
  • Driving While Intoxicated with a Child Passenger
  • Assault Due to Intoxication (DWI involving injury)
  • Manslaughter via Intoxication (DWI resulting in death)
Bishop Arts District's Best DWI Lawyer
 | Ray Hindieh

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