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If you have a family member or friend in jail, call, and we will explain what it takes to get them out as quickly as possible. Get a quick jail release in Dallas County with us today. We’ve dealt with all the local jails. Sometimes people want fast, sometimes people want cheap. We will tell you all your quick jail release options in Dallas County and let you decide.

When dealing with the Dallas County Jail, it’s helpful to know the system. Lew Sterrett Justice Center is a big jail with lots of employees, and they can’t always say exactly where a person is held or when they might be getting out. Talking with jailers can be frustrating if you don’t know what to ask, and the jailers can get just as frustrated with you. Plus, just when you think you might be getting somewhere, a shift change can come along and set you back again.

At the 214 Release: Hindieh Law, our number 1 goal is to save you time and money. We want to get your person out of detention as fast as possible. You shouldn’t have to wait to know exactly what’s going on. We’ll help clear it up, so you know what’s happening every step of the way as We arrange a quick jail release in Dallas County on your behalf.

We have helped people with their criminal defense cases and quick jail releases in Dallas County for over 20 years. We provide Dallas County jail release for misdemeanors, felonies, DWIs, drug possessions, thefts, assaults, fraud, credit card abuse, marijuana possession, and more. In some cases, people are even held on warrants for unpaid tickets.

How We Handle Quick Jail Releases in Dallas County

If someone you care about is in jail, you may be able to post a bond to get them out. A bond is a monetary amount set by a judge to release a person from jail before their court date. The amount is intended to persuade the defendant will show up at court, so they don’t lose their money.

The quickest way to get somebody out is to post cash bonds directly with the jail. The Dallas County Jail is located at 111 W. Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas. Cash bonds may be paid in full at the bond desk at Lew Sterrett Justice Center to secure a quick jail release in Dallas County. However, this is also the most expensive way, as you must have the full cash amount of the bonds upfront. For those who may not have the full amount, bail bond companies and 214 Release: Hindieh Law can assist with your quick jail release in Dallas County.

A reputable bond company will charge a small portion of the bond as its fee. For larger bonds, that fee is usually 10%. For smaller bonds, it is a fixed rate. For instance, a $500 bond should cost about $175. This fee is called a premium. Unlike a cash bond, this fee is non-refundable. However, if your person does not make their court date, the bond company will seek to recover more money from the cosigner or the person who signed the bond.

If you’re a person who got arrested in Dallas County on a felony probation violation, you will be subject to a “no bond” warrant, which means you won’t be able to bond out for any amount of money. In other cases, the bond is set high. If either of these happens to you, you need a quick jail release attorney in Dallas County with felony probation and ‘no-bond’ experience fighting for your rights and seeking a bond or a bond reduction.

Dallas County Inmate Search

Click here for Dallas County Jail Release Inmate Search

You can check the website at the above Dallas County Inmate Search link for prisoner information or call us at 214-984-5474, and we’ll check for you. If you check yourself, one tip for finding your person, even if the jail has misspelled their name, is to enter only the first initial of each name and their race and sex.

That does two helpful things; it can often find your person even if the jail spelled the name wrong, and because that usually pulls up other inmates, it helps let you know their computer is actually working. Please note that Dallas County Jail employees, despite good intentions, often give misleading information, especially when it comes to whether a person has been released. A person can be “released off the computer” or “transferred to another agency” and still be in the Dallas County Jail.

They’ll often say that the person has been “released” or “transferred”, even when the person is still in their jail. And they won’t even know that’s misleading until you press them to look further. Having someone call who’s dealt with it all before and knows the difference can save a lot of time and stress.

Quick Jail Release in Dallas County | Call 214 Release Hindieh Law

After Dallas County Jail Release

214-Release: Hindieh Law can continue to represent the defendant after we’ve gotten them quick jail releases. Posting bail, after all, is often just the first step in saving a person’s freedom and assets. They’re still waiting for a court date or to be formally charged with a crime. We offer continuing, comprehensive legal representation at pre-trial hearings, in all court hearings, and throughout the trial or during plea bargaining.

No matter what crime you’ve been charged with – misdemeanor or felony – it’s critical to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. In serious cases, I work with expert investigators to build the strongest possible defense in each case. If I can’t get your charges dropped or reduced, I work as hard as I can to lessen the sting.

Save Time & Money, Let 214 Release/Hindieh Law Start Work on Your Case Today

The 214-Release: Hindieh Law of Dallas, Texas, is happy to get to work on your case right away. I offer free, in-depth strategy sessions so you can ask questions and hear detailed answers.

Call 214.960.1458 at any time of day or night to speak with a well-versed criminal defense and jail release attorney. I’m here when you need me!

Contact Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer | Hindieh Law

Ray Hindieh at 214 Release: Hindieh Law

Experienced criminal law Counsel, protecting the rights of Hispanics and Latinos in Dallas, TX. We get your person a quick jail release!

Ray Hindieh founded the Hindieh Law firm and 214-Release for one reason:

“To get people out of jail fast!”

“Ray is also well known for helping Hispanic & Latino Families in the community whose loved ones face criminal charges or Crimmigration.”

Ray Hindieh has dedicated his legal career to this task and has saved many Hispanic families from the difficulties of criminal prosecution, Crimmigration, DWI, and family violence. He is known for aggressively litigating on behalf of his clients to achieve a prompt resolution of their cases with the very best outcome. Using advanced trial presentation strategies, Ray is very effective at educating and persuading a jury of the merits of his client’s case.

In fact, the name “Hindieh” comes from a deep-rooted heritage of establishing “unambiguous communication”.

A diplomat to the core, Hindieh means ensuring peace and creating balance for all involved parties. Ray Hindieh is able to meet all situations with ease and fights vigorously against any limitation of personal freedom. That’s just the way you will feel like Ray’s client and the way a jury or judge feels when rendering favorable verdicts in cases tried by Ray.

In July 2022, Ray Hindieh testified (via affidavit) as an expert witness on the grand jury process as a former prosecutor in the grand jury department of the Dallas District Attorney’s office in the case of VERITAS VINCIT, LLC, et al. vs. FRED ALAN BROWN, et al.

Get A Quick Jail Release Today

As a past Dallas District Attorney, Ray Hindieh is connected with deep relationships in the law enforcement and criminal judicial system and has the personal knowledge and relationships to know who to talk to and when to talk to them. The respect he has earned in law enforcement, the judicial system, and the jail system is very important to helping his clients get a quick jail release!

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Quick Jail Release in Dallas County | Lew Sterrett

About Dallas County Jail 

Dallas County Jail (Lew Sterrett Justice Center) is located at 111 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas. Bus Stop: Dart bus route 35

Other jails in the area are George Allen Jail, at 600 Commerce Street Dallas, Texas 75202,and the Bill Decker Detention Center, 899 North Stemmons Fwy Dallas, Texas 75202.

Read this list of official visitation rules. Check for visiting days and times. No visitation takes place on Wednesdays.

The different sections at Lew Sterrett:

  • North Tower Detention Center
  • West Tower Detention Center
  • Suzanne L. Kays Detention Center (South Tower)

The line outside is for south tower. For the north tower line, go inside the building,

How Do I Find Someone in the Dallas Jail?

The kiosks in the lobbies for depositing funds can also be used to get your inmates number and location. http://www.dallascounty.org/jaillookup/

Arrival Time

Always arrive AT LEAST 30 minutes before the end of visitation or you will not get to visit.There is a line starting at about 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays even though visitation processing doesn’t start till 7pm.


There is a $4 parking lot next to the jail.


Inmates may have only two visits a week. Your name has to be on their visitor’s list. If you are the only person on their approved visitor list, you may visit twice a week.If they have more than one person listed on the approved visitor list, then you can only visit once a week.

The time limit for a visit is about 30 minutes.

If you are with someone who is visiting an inmate but you are not, be aware: there is no place inside to wait if you are not going to visit.

There are two cash machines for transferring cash to the prisoners (it takes all size bills), and at the end there will be a desk and several police officers. Ask for the slip of paper to request a visit.

Once you have that, write down the information about the inmate (their number and location), hand it back to the officer, then go to the waiting line (on the left, against the wall) and be prepared to stand and wait. You will pass through a metal detector again. Follow the corridor around two corners until you come to an elevator. Take the elevator to the floor where your inmate is housed.

On each floor is a window to the left of the elevator, which is the guard station. Present your visitor slip and your ID. You will be directed to a booth where you can talk to the inmate. Each of these “booths” has “phones.” You sit on one side of a glass window, and the inmate sits on the other side, and you talk via phone.

The jail has a strict dress code. Check it online before you go. No tank tops, no skirts or shorts above the bottom of the knee, no flip flops or open-toe shoes, no jackets over sleeveless shirts, no metal, and no gang colors.

Then, you will have to walk through several metal detectors.

Here is what you should take with you during a visit:

  • your identification
  • keys
  • one piece of paper (NOT a notebook with wires or staples)
  • a small pencil
  • money, if you are trying to pay a bond or get money to an inmate’s jail account
  • a piece of paper with the inmate’s name and number and where they are being housed

Leave everything else at home (particularly jewelry or clothing with metal in it.)

Before you go, you will need to know your family member’s inmate numbers and where they are being housed. You can find out this information here.

If you have been told someone is an inmate in Lew Sterrett and has not been released, but the web page doesn’t pull up information, they are probably in “Holding.” It can take up to five days to move from Holding to the Jail. The average time in Holding seems to be about 24 hours.


They will not allow you to bring the inmate’s prescription medication to Lew Sterrett. The inmate must wait for the jail’s physician to confirm their condition and prescribe a medication. It may take more than a week for someone to be seen by the doctor. Inmates must buy their own medication; the Jpay account is used for this.

Posting a bond

It can take up to 20 minutes to post a bond once you reach the window. If there’s a long line at the bail bonds windows, be prepared to wait for more than an hour. The best time to post a bond is 8-8:30 in the morning. Bring cash or a cashier’s check. When you receive the bond paperwork, be sure to read the document VERY CAREFULLY. It will spell out certain things that have to be met to get your money back.

Phone calls

There is no way to call into the jail to talk to an inmate. They can call you to collect, OR you can deposit money into an account.

Connect Network for pre-paid collect calls from the jail facility.

Access Corrections for commissary funds.

Inmate Mail: 

Mail should be addressed as such:

InmatesName(ie: JohnDoe#05123456)
Inmate’sLocation(ie: Tank#11S14)
Dallas, Texas 75266-0334

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