How To Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

How To Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney | 214 Release Hindieh Law

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When looking for the right criminal defense attorney in Dallas or anywhere in Texas, you should hire the most experienced lawyer you can afford. Unfortunately, some of the accolades that lawyers post on their websites are often misleading and sometimes less than truthful. 

Set up a time to meet personally with the lawyer you are considering hiring. Ray Hindieh is always available to give you a free consultation.

Ask the Attorney How Many Hispanic and Latino Clients They Have Represented

If you are Hispanic or Latino, your right criminal defense attorney should have experience on representing multiple Hispanic and Latino clients. Hindieh Law specializes in protecting Hispanic and Latino families and their loved ones. 100% of Hindieah Law’s criminal law practice is devoted to protecting the well-being, assets, and freedom of Hispanics and Latinos. Ray has earned the trust of these communities and enjoys a pristine and impeccable reputation among Hispanic and Latino families in Dallas and surrounding areas of Texas.

Ask the Attorney How Many Jury Trials They Have Handled As the First Chair Lawyer

There is a major difference between the responsibilities of a first chair and a second chair attorney. A first-chair lawyer is a lawyer who is responsible for the strategy, preparation, and overall litigation of the case.

The first chair lawyer is usually the lawyer conducting voir dire, cross examination of experts, and handling the opening and closing arguments. You should hire the right criminal defense attorney who has handled multiple cases as a first-chair attorney.

How To Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney | 214 Release Hindieh Law

Ask Them How Many Serious Felony Cases They Have Tried Before a Jury

The majority of criminal cases are resolved without the necessity of a trial. That means many lawyers have little trial experience, especially when it comes to litigating serious, complex criminal cases that may result in the loss of your freedom or extradition from the United States.

If your case is one that needs to be litigated before a judge or jury, you need the right criminal defense attorney who has substantial jury trial experience. Not all criminal defense lawyers have it. It’s your life and your future. Hire the most experienced criminal trial lawyer you can afford to defend you.

Ask the Attorney if They Have Ever Served as a Prosecutor?

Having been a prosecutor gives the right criminal defense attorney a tremendous advantage.

There is nothing as valuable as knowing how the opposition thinks, their strategy, and what is important to them when resolving a case in your client’s favor.

Ask Them About Their Experience Litigating Complex Felony Cases

How many aggravated sexual assaults, aggravated robberies, aggravated assaults, family violence, crimmigration and other felony criminal cases they have investigated, prepared, and tried before a jury.

This experience is crucial when deciding who you will hire to represent you.

We care about your freedom, your family, your future, and your life. That’s why we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do your homework when choosing your criminal defense lawyer. There is no substitute for decades of jury trial experience.

If you want an ultra-experienced 1st chair lawyer that has tried countless State Jury Trials with a ultra-high success rate? Serving in 1st chair in over 100 felony cases, Ray Hindieh is the man you want when your freedom, assets and potential citizenship are on the line.

Your Right Criminal Defense Attorney at Hindieh Law

At Hindieh Law, our criminal defense attorney has experience defending Hispanic and Latino clients facing criminal charges. Our legal team is committed to providing clients in Dallas and surrounding areas, the best legal representation available. If you or somebody you know is facing criminal charges in Dallas or anywhere in Texas, call 214 Release: Hindieh Law, PLLC at 214-Release (214.960.1458) for a free confidential consultation today.

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