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In recent years, federal immigration enforcement policies and practices, including increased reliance on state and local agencies for information about non-U.S. citizens, have swept an unprecedented number of people into the detention and deportation system.

These policies rip families apart, encourage racial profiling, and undermine due process. States and localities, too, have enacted laws designed to make life so difficult for immigrants that they are forced to go elsewhere. Through policy work and litigation, NILC challenges unjust enforcement-related federal, state, and local policies and laws whose main targets are low-income immigrants and their families typically in the Hispanic and Latino communities.

214 Release: Hindieh Law, PLLC, a trusted and respected servant to Hispanic and Latino families in Dallas, specializes in Crimmigration, wherein immigrants may be facing criminal charges that may adversely impact their immigration status and create a pending deportation action.

Immigration Enforcement Information

Immigration Enforcement | 214 Release Hindieh Law


Immigration Enforcement–related Rights Information (encountering law enforcement; raids; patients’ and providers’ rights; employers’ rights; participating in demonstrations)

Enforcement Actions in or Near Protected Areas

Factsheet: The Department of Homeland Security’s “Protected Areas” Memorandum

Immigration Raids

Executive Order on Interior Enforcement

Understanding Trump’s Executive Order Affecting Deportations and “Sanctuary” Cities (interior enforcement)

“Sanctuary” Policies: Enhancing Trust Between Immigrants & Local Authorities

Secure Communities, 287(g), and Related Programs

Overview of the Key ICE ACCESS Programs: 287(g), the Criminal Alien Program, and Secure Communities (PDF)

COVID-19 Resources

Resources | COVID-19 Crisis and Consequences

Federal Enforcement & Information Sharing

Enforcement in the Workplace: Employers’ Rights

What to Do if Immigration Comes to Your Workplace (a guide for employers)

Campus Safe Zones

Arrest & Detention (Unaccompanied Children)

Right to Legal Counsel

Gang Databases

AB 90: More Welcome Fixes to California’s Gang Databases

State and Local Enforcement

Criminal Immigration – Crimmigration Defense Attorney at Hindieh Law

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