How To Choose The Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Dallas

How To Choose The Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Dallas | 214 Release Hindieh Law

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Selecting the best criminal defense attorney can save you thousands of dollars and protect your freedom, assets, and reputation for the rest of your life! Ensure you are confident in your selection of the right person to fight for you!

Carefully Consider the Factors Below To Find The Best Criminal Defense Attorney.

Select The Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Choosing the appropriate criminal defense lawyer can be a difficult, dangerous, and frustrating process. This guide is designed to walk you through the process so you can feel confident that the person you choose to help you or a loved one through a tough time has been thoroughly vetted. The procedure can be split down into four steps, which should be completed in this sequence.

  • First and foremost, locate experienced, qualified attorneys who possess the appropriate qualifications for the best criminal defense attorney.
  • Second, from this list of the best criminal defense attorneys, choose the one you feel most comfortable with and who appears to be the best fit for you.
  • Third, double-check that the best criminal defense attorney you’ve picked does not fall into one of the “typical traps” involved with selecting a lawyer to assist you with a criminal situation.
  • Fourth, does the lawyer predominantly represent Hispanic and Latino clients; does the law firm have a good reputation in the Hispanic and Latino communities; and do Hispanic and Latino families appreciate and trust the lawyers?

You will have confidence and trust in your best criminal defense attorney if you follow these four procedures, which will make navigating the criminal court system much less stressful. You’ve probably noticed that pricing isn’t one of the factors stated above.

While money is essential and may eventually be a deciding factor for you, hiring the wrong criminal defense attorney can end up costing you far more in the long run than spending a little more now for the right representation.

Continue reading to see why price should be considered only after the first four criteria have been met.

Qualifications | Best Criminal Defense Attorney | 214 Release Hindieh Law


There are many different qualifications that the best criminal defense attorney may possess and I will address some of the most important ones in this guide. If you are able to find the best criminal defense attorney who meets all of these criteria, consider yourself lucky, as these lawyers are difficult to find!

In general, this guide should give you an understanding of the types of qualifications that matter and why they are so important so you can discover which lawyer most appropriately suits your needs. Look for the best criminal defense attorney who has one or more of the attributes discussed below.

  1. Former Prosecutor

Prosecutors spend their careers learning how to create a case from the ground up, whereas criminal defense attorneys are frequently required to rip apart a case piece by piece. A criminal defense attorney who was once a prosecutor can assist you in a variety of ways.

The fact that a former prosecutor understands how a prosecutor thinks is one of the most evident benefits of hiring one. They know how to put together a case, therefore they can take it apart as well.

Furthermore, former prosecutors will be aware of the concerns that influence the Assistant District Attorney’s decision-making process in your case, and if he or she is resourceful enough, they can find a method to address these concerns while trying to fulfill your needs.

  1. Several Jury Trials in Various Courts

It’s also critical that you hire the best criminal defense attorney who has handled several jury trials in a variety of jurisdictions and for a variety of matters. You want the best criminal defense attorney who has dealt with a variety of prosecutors, judges, and types of cases because he or she will have dealt with a wide range of legal challenges and earned essential trial expertise that will help defend you.

  1. Specialized Training for Your Case

Look for a lawyer with experience or specialized training in the type of situation you’re dealing with.

Find the best criminal defense attorney who has trained at Axion Training Institute and Analytical Laboratories if you’ve been charged with DWI and blood was taken and tested. Axion provides the most in-depth instruction in gas chromatography, the method used to test blood in DWI cases, that a lawyer can acquire.

Find the best criminal defense attorney who has completed specialist courses on how the Intoxilyzer 5000 and/or 9000 work if you’ve been charged with DWI and a breath sample was taken. A “simple” DWI case typically involves more science than a capital murder case; be sure your lawyer understands the science and how to combat it.

Similarly, if important witnesses against you are Spanish speakers, make sure your best criminal defense attorney or someone on his staff is bilingual. This may seem nitpicky or insignificant, but during a trial, small details can get lost in translation, and you want to make sure that your lawyer can spot the inconsistencies and explain them to the judge or jury in a way that is helpful to you.

A word can often have several meanings – the improper translation can result in jail time, while the correct translation can result in freedom!

  1. Post-Conviction & Appellate Experience

Whether you need a lawyer for an appeal or a trial, one who has handled appellate (or other post-conviction) proceedings will have a superior understanding of the law than one who has not. If you need the best criminal defense attorney to handle an appeal, it goes without saying that someone who has done it before will be more equipped. Even when dealing with a criminal trial case, the finer points of the law might mean the difference between spending years in prison and coming out with a clean criminal record.

Different Kinds of Attorneys | Best Criminal Defense Attorney | 214 Release Hindieh Law

Different Kinds of Attorneys

Once you’ve located a qualified lawyer, or your best criminal defense attorney, you should be aware of the various types of lawyers and how they approach business. One approach may be more appropriate for your needs and handle your specific concerns than another. This section will assist you in determining what you’re looking for and receiving.

You may be able to find an attorney who excels in some, most, or all of these areas, but be sure you have the correct tool for the job. In general, one of them isn’t better than the others, but carrying a screwdriver when you’d rather use a saw can be a real pain. If you can’t find a lawyer who fulfills all or most of these qualifications, at least make sure you have what you think you need for your individual situation.

  1. The Legal Icon

The “Legal Genius” is a lawyer who is well-versed in the law and knows how to apply it in various situations. This is most likely the type of lawyer you want if you need help with an appeal or another post-conviction problem.

The “Legal Genius” excels at understanding complex topics, but in a trial situation, he or she may be out of touch with the average juror – imagine a rocket scientist trying to explain the complexities of his or her job to a layperson and the challenges in communication.

If you’re looking for a lawyer to represent you in a trial (rather than an appeal), and you think you’re dealing with a “Legal Genius,” make sure they’re also approachable to “everyman.”

  1. The Diligent Investigator

A lawyer known as the “Thorough Investigator” leaves no stone unturned in his investigation. He or she will go to the crime scene and speak with every single witness, as well as locate witnesses and evidence that the detectives never considered. He or she will know more about the case than the prosecutor, witnesses, and sometimes even the accused and victim.

In a trial or post-conviction writ of habeas corpus hearing, having a lawyer with this skill set is critical because you never know when a minor detail, fact, or piece of evidence can influence the outcome of a criminal case.

  1. The Problem-Solver with a Creative Mindset

The “Creative Problem-Solver” is extremely hard to come by. A lawyer is trained to understand the law and the facts in law school and throughout their profession, and to bury their creative side, if they have one, because “the law is the law and the facts are the facts.”

This type of lawyer can figure out what both parties want and why they want it, and then utilize that information to come up with a solution that gives everyone enough of what they want to be happy. There isn’t always a choice between jail time, probation, and dismissal in criminal cases. A prosecutor must frequently consider the wishes of the victim, the political atmosphere, and “the boss” looking over his or her shoulder.

These and other challenges can be addressed by a creative lawyer while still serving the client’s best interests. A creative lawyer can also explain or argue to a jury in a fresh way in a trial environment, which can be quite powerful.

  1. The Bargainer

A lawyer known as “The Bargainer” does not want to go to trial; instead, he or she prefers to perform “damage management” and “get you a deal.” This type of attorney frequently fails to conduct a thorough investigation or legal research, which would result in the best possible results.

However, there are times when simple negotiation is beneficial: for example, if the evidence against you is overwhelming and a trial victory is a long shot, and the prosecutor on your case has “dug his heels in” and is unwilling to give you what you want, negotiating for a slightly lower sentence or shorter probation could be exactly what you need.

Just make sure the lawyer you employ doesn’t use this strategy until your case has been fully 5 assessed and researched, and you’ve decided you don’t want to risk a trial.

  1. The Trial Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you’ll need a lawyer with proven trial expertise in both misdemeanors and felonies.

When your lawyer meets with a prosecutor to discuss your case, the value of the case (prison time, dismissal, probation, or any other disposition) is determined by the expected outcome if the case goes to trial. How can the best criminal defense attorney effectively fight for you by convincing a prosecutor, judge, or jury what your case is worth if he has no idea what might happen if your case goes to trial?

On the other hand, be wary of the attorney who believes that trial is the only option — this is the hammer that is always hunting for a nail. A jury trial is always a risk – sometimes it’s a very good risk with favorable chances, but it’s still a risk.

Just make sure your lawyer has options other than pushing everything to go to trial in his toolbox.

  1. The Researcher

In a DWI, Intoxication Assault/Manslaughter, or any other case involving forensic science, “The Scientist” is nearly a need (DNA, blood or breath tests, drug cases, and others). The Scientist is a lawyer who is well-versed in the science and technique relevant to your case.

A DWI case when blood is drawn and the prosecutor seeks to use the test results against you is the finest illustration. In order to establish if there are any issues that could prevent the results from being used against you, your lawyer must have a complete understanding of the method and science involved in drawing and analyzing your blood.

Lawyers who aren’t scientists will have to engage an expensive expert to make this conclusion, which will cost you more money. Non-scientists will also not always know what to look for and will not see a problem when it is right in front of them.

If you employ a lawyer with a deep understanding of the science, be sure he or she can still be approachable to a court or jury when dealing with such scientific facts, like the “Legal Genius” did.

  1. The Opponent

“The Competitor” is a lawyer who is driven to compete and fight for you, ensuring that you always obtain what you desire. Even if he or she does not succeed, you can be sure that the competitor will do everything in their power to get you there.

Rather than being motivated extrinsically by your money, the rival is motivated intrinsically by their desire to win. When things go tough, a lawyer with a healthy passion for competitiveness can provide you the assurance that he or she won’t just give up; instead, they’ll find another method to win and keep moving forward.

Many trial lawyers fall into this category, but if you want to find a true competitor, look at what your lawyer does outside of the courtroom: seek for someone who competes in other areas, such as athletic competition.

  1. The Strategist

“The Strategist” is a smart, unconventional thinker who approaches criminal defense as if it were a battleground. This attorney will try to determine where the prosecutor, judge, or jury should focus their attention and devise a strategy to get them there.

He or she may hold knowledge of particular pieces of evidence to his or herself in order to release it at the precise moment when the prosecutor will be unable to properly dispute it. The prosecutor will be focused on one issue by the strategist in order for him or her to lose the emphasis on a larger, more essential issue.

A useful lawyer to have on your side is a strategist, who will frequently be a “Trial Lawyer,” a “Competitor,” and/or a “Creative Problem-Solver.”

An Exact Fit for You

Now that you know what qualities and work-style characteristics to look for in the best criminal defense attorney, it’s time to figure out if your lawyer is the right fit for you. Everyone has a distinct personality, so finding the best criminal defense attorney that “speaks your language” and understands your specific issues and fears can be extremely beneficial.

The first question you should ask yourself is, “Does my lawyer know or care about me as a person, or is he or she solely interested in my case?” While the best criminal defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges frequently differ regarding the law and facts of any specific case, having the best criminal defense attorney who can not only explain to the prosecutor what he wants but also why you deserve what you’re asking for, can be extremely beneficial.

Having an attorney who knows you as a person rather than a case number will help you persuade a prosecutor, judge, or jury to perceive you as a father, student, sister, employee, or simply a human being who had a terrible day rather than a criminal or a case number.

A good lawyer needs to know the facts of your case in order to defend the legal issues raised, but a great lawyer is also concerned about who you are as a person and must address your concerns and fears in addition to the legal and factual issues in your case.

Is your lawyer even aware of your objectives and the aspects of your case that are most important to you? Always keep in mind that you are a person, not a case number.

The Second Point To Consider

“Does your attorney say what you want to hear or what you need to hear?” Finding the best criminal defense attorney who will tell you the truth and offer you reasonable expectations while fiercely defending you and your rights is critical. Almost everyone who visits a lawyer hopes to hear that their case will be dropped and that it will remain off their record.

Best criminal defense attorneys will research your case and strive to get it dismissed, but the correct attorney will also inform you of all conceivable results, the most likely outcomes, and why certain outcomes are more likely than others. If your case isn’t dismissed, you’ll be better prepared to make key decisions about whether to accept a plea deal or go to trial.

The best criminal defense attorney can advise you that if the evidence holds up, a judge or jury is likely to sentence you to ten years in prison. This does not imply that your best criminal defense attorney wants you to go to prison or that he or she is happy with the outcome; rather, it indicates that your best criminal defense attorney is preparing you for what he or she believes is a likely outcome.

You’ll be confident and prepared to determine whether to take your case to trial or accept a plea bargain when the prosecutor offers you probation (or 30 years in prison). If your best criminal defense attorney is successful in getting your case dismissed, you will appreciate and understand the challenges that were surmounted.

When faced with significant decisions, having realistic expectations will help you make the best option.

The Last and Most Critical Thing To Ask Yourself

“Do I have faith in this lawyer?”

Does your lawyer instill trust in you when you meet with him or her, knowing that they will fight for and represent you and your rights?

Do you have faith in this lawyer in general?

How can you expect a prosecutor, judge, or jury to trust and believe your lawyer and the arguments and evidence he or she offers if that is not the case? If you have faith in your lawyer, you can be certain that their advice is sound and that you are being steered toward the greatest available judgments and methods when navigating the system.

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